We hope you all had a wonderful holiday, celebrating with family, friends, and other loved ones! Throughout the month of November, PALCS staff dedicated themselves to reflect on what they were thankful for. Read what some of our teachers and staff had to say during our weekly series, “Thankful Thursdays”!

Hear from the Supervisor of Federal Programs:

Ms. Zofia Swiatek is thankful for the opportunity to work at a school like PALCS. She explains that her experience here has been a breath of fresh air, in comparison to her brick-and-mortar school experiences! “This kind of system is where the future of education is headed and I am so glad to be a part of it.  Because of how spread out our families are across the Commonwealth, I also feel like my efforts here reach more students than in years past and that makes my work worthwhile.”

Hear from a Special Education Teacher:

Next, Ms. Alison Malkasian, a Secondary Life Skills Teacher, is thankful for the teachers on our Achievement Committee. “They provide fun opportunities to encourage staff here at PALCS with Bingo, Student of the Month, and the Chilli Cookoff,” she explains.

Hear from an Elementary School Teacher:

Ms. Hannah Hocker, a First Grade Teacher, shares with us, “I am grateful for the flexibility that PALCS offers. I am able to spend quality time with my family and also do what I love — teach!”

Hear from High School Teachers:

Many of our High School Teachers had much to be thankful for! Eric Madison (Math) and Kristen Waltz (Social Studies) are both thankful for their fellow talented and hard-working teachers, that are constantly there to support each other. Lastly, Emily Intelicato (Science) is thankful for the travel abroad opportunities PALCS offers. “When I hear students talk about their experiences abroad, it always puts a smile on my face. I want to continue showing students different cultures, food, and geography from around the world. It is truly a passion that I strive to fulfill yearly with our extended trips program.”


Thank you to our staff for contributing in our month-long reflection of Thankful Thursdays! If you would like to see what our other PALCS teachers and staff had to say this past month, be sure to follow our PALCS Facebook Page, Instagram Page, and Twitter Page.

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