Welcome PALCS Community to our official PALCS Podcast! Since July of 2020, we welcomed over 65 new team members to our staff! In this episode, we speak with and get to know several new PALCS teachers.

Tune in to learn more about Mrs. Andrea De Zelaya, Mrs. Melissa Toncini, Mrs. Megan Giampietro, Mrs. Amanda Martin, Mrs. ElisaBeth Steines, Mrs. Lisa Greene, Mrs. Kimberly Smith, Mrs. Marissa Martini, Mrs. April Mullen, Mrs. Brianne Patterson, Ms. Alexis Newingham, Mr. Adam Solnosky, Mrs. Caroline Puma, Ms. Jen Ware, Ms. Lisa Salvo, Mrs. Shannon Sumner, Mr. Doug Surine, Mrs. Amy Brown, and Mrs. Katharine Kelly.