We are so grateful for all of our wonderful families and hardworking students. Recently, we had the opportunity to ask a handful of PALCS parents a few questions about why they made the switch to a cyber-school model, how they initially heard about us, and answer the question, “Why We Chose PALCS.”

What made you decide to make the change to a cyber-school for your child?

  • “With Assiah’s ongoing healthcare needs PALCS was the perfect choice for us as it gives her flexibility in her daily schedule.” – Rasheena P.
  • “Tyler was not working to his full potential. He needed more structure and I needed more access to his school work.” -Barb K.
  • “Lionel started in public-school, and attended for his Kindergarten and First Grade years. He knew even after Kindergarten that he wasn’t happy there. He found out about cyber-school himself and presented the idea to his mother. She was initially hesitant she eventually thought it might work. However, she understood that Lionel wasn’t happy where he was.” – Aileen M.
  • “Haozhou is very busy for his performances and practicing. He cannot go to school every day, and back home after 3pm. He has to practice much more than most people, to prepare for his concert and competitions. That is what made us decide to make the change to a cyber-school.” – Fangqin J.

How did you initially hear about PALCS?

  • “An employee of the Pennsylvania School District referred us.” – Rasheena P.
  • “PALCS was brought to Lionel’s attention through his friends that attended CPFA. Lionel’s original cyber-school was shifting directions at the time. Lionel was looking for a new school, so the draw of an Arts program at an online school was too exciting for him.” – Aileen M.
  • “Through a friend whose child attends PALCS.” – Barb K.
  • “One of my daughter’s friends told us about the performing Arts program in West Chester.” – Trisha C.

Why We Chose PALCS
Out of all the online schools offered in PA, tell us why did you choose PALCS?

  •  “The program and team was very efficient. The reviews were very compelling.” – Rasheena P.
  • “Because of the academic performance of students, flexibility, and recommendations from friends.” – Barb K.
  • “He attended another online school previous to PALCS, but when he found out about CPFA he wanted to have that hands on arts opportunity.” – Aileen M.
  • “My daughter was attending private girls school and there was very little to offer at the school as far as performing arts and music. Dominic was in public school, participating in the band and select choir but because he had no interest in sports and was a little different he would sometimes get picked on in school he really wasn’t making any friend connections at the local public school. Dominic was a little socially awkward and I would receive phones calls about his drawing in class on a weekly basis (sometimes daily). We scheduled a visit to CPFA and both of my kids fell in love with the program.” – Trisha C.
  • “We heard that PALCS is the best online school in PA.” – Fangqin J.

Thank you to all of our PALCS parents and student. We truly appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions, and sharing your story with us. We could not be more proud of community of parents, student, teachers, and staff who go above and beyond each and every day to make PALCS possible for our children!

If you would like to learn more about what PALCS can do for your family, please don’t hesitate to contact us!