As a cyber school, PALCS rises to the challenge of delivering dynamic content online. As part of our curriculum, teachers create and embed videos and other multimedia content directly into lessons. Additionally, students have the opportunity to interact and participate in fun activities. Take a look at some playlists below that highlight some of the happenings with PA Leadership Charter School, or check out our YouTube Channel for the latest videos!

Video Lesson Examples

The PA Leadership Charter School has an in-house video production studio, allowing our teachers to make engaging, original content for our students.


Social Activities and Graduation

See a selection of the fun events and activities available to and performed by PALCS students, and experience highlights of a PA Leadership Graduation.


PALCS Makes it Possible!

View testimonials from our students about how PALCS makes their goals possible!


PALeadership on YouTube
See more videos on the PALCS YouTube Channel »
PALeadership on YouTube