The University Scholars program (USP) is a  highly competitive program for accelerated and motivated learners who are enrolled at PALCS.

University Scholars offers:

  • Honors and AP courses for motivated students in grades 6-12

  • Online/on-site blend (West Chester, PA) or Online (Statewide)

  • High performance, high achievement, competitive admission

  • Empowers and inspires learners in a supportive environment

The (University Scholars Program) is an honors college-prep program within the PA Leadership Charter School (PALCS).  PALCS is a public Cyber school available to all K-12 students in Pennsylvania.

The University Scholars Program offers a focused, fast-tracked set of courses for students in grades 6-12. With this in mind, we use two methods: an on-site/online blended program in West Chester, PA, or a complete online program for statewide students. We designed our program to make the most of the intellectual skills for high reaching, striving learners. Lastly, it also supports and values each student’s personal and academic triumphs.

With this in mind note, entry to University Scholars is very competitive. Only students enrolled in PALCS may apply via a University Scholars application.  Therefore, we do not accept all PALCS students to the University Scholars Program. Learn more »

University Scholars Academics

The University Scholars curriculum provides accelerated and college preparatory courses. Students have access Honors and AP courses as well as a STEM program.






Social Studies

University Scholars Staff

Want to Learn More? Meet us in Person

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Shout Outs

Mrs. Kathleen Johnson – USP History Teacher

Mrs. Johnson is an amazing teacher! She is really funny and very helpful. She will help you and answer any questions you have. Thank you Mrs. Johnson!

Abigail Clement, Student

Two daughters are attending the University Scholars Program onsite in both the High & Middle schools. The staff and teachers have continued to instill the love of gifted learning.

Joseph Coleman, Parent

Ms. Rebecca Ding – Math

Ms. Ding is worthy because she is the most supportive math teacher I have ever had. I was really struggling with some things in math and she took the time to help me study and become better at it before the big test the following day. I am really glad that she is my teacher because she is always an email away and willing to help.