We recently had the opportunity to speak with PALCS Elementary Art Teacher Mrs. Humbert.

Mrs. Humbert has been working at PALCS since 2013. This is her seventh year teaching Elementary Art to students. Mrs. Humbert grew up in North Fayette township, close to the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Prior to teaching at PALCS Mrs. Humbert worked for another cyber school for ten years. She worked as a camp counselor for Girl Scouts during two of her college summers. Now she serves as a Round-table Commissioner, and acts as Day Camp Director for Cub Scouts for the Frontier District of Laurel Highlands Council.
Prior to her recent change to Round-table Commissioner, Mrs. Humbert was very involved in her younger son’s scout pack as a Cubmaster.

Mrs. Humbert shares, “I love camping, traveling, particularly to the beach at Lake Erie and the ocean.” She has always enjoyed being outside, building campfires, singing silly songs and being goofy!

Mrs. Humbert has also taught in a brick and mortar school, prior to coming to cyber school. “I think the biggest difference between brick & mortar and cyber school, is not being able to work in the same room as my students” she explains. “I miss handing students supplies to make sure the correct materials are being used.” Mrs Humbert stresses the importance of attending virtual lessons, so she can guide and support students through the curriculum.

Mrs Humbert feels some families believe cyber school is easier traditional brick and mortar schooling. “Families sometimes seem surprised that PALCS curriculum is as rigorous, or more challenging, than that of their home district.” Mrs. Humbert also shares a tip to our students, “being computer/tech savvy is definitely a bonus for students & families coming to PALCS. PALCS is a great option for students who are motivated and enjoy learning with a helpful support system at home to help them learn.”

As the Art teacher for all elementary levels,kindergarten through 5th grade, Mrs Humbert watches students’ progress and skills develop over time. “It is amazing how each individual grows, changes and becomes their own person with a unique personality.” She adds “I feel like I can get to know my students really well when I see them for several years.”

Outside of work you can find Mrs. Humbert doing some of her hobbies such as reading, knitting/crochet, painting or sewing. She indicates that she “LOVES to read and make big messes!”
One goal Mrs. Humbert has is, to clear clutter from her house and organize her possessions so that she can one day make space for an art studio in her home. Mrs. Humbert also has a golden-doodle named Chewbacca (Chewie for short).

We would like to thank Mrs. Humbert for taking the time to speak with us and sharing her story! Mrs. Humbert has been truly a fantastic asset to the PALCS community. We are so proud and honored to have her on our team!

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