PALCS Teacher Spotlight Ms. Intelicato

Meet Mrs. Emily Intelicato, PALCS Science teacher, scuba diving instructor, and mom to twin boys. Mrs. Intelicato currently teaches 8th grade Advanced Integrated Science, 9th grade General Science, Marine Science in the Fall, and Forensic Science in the Spring. Having been with PALCS since 2007, she has also held positions as the science department chair, and content area science specialist.

Before Joining PALCS

Before coming to PALCS, Mrs. Intelicato earned her Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science and Chemistry, and her Master’s in Education. “I have a passion for teaching science. I love to conduct experiments with my students during class chats. One of my favorite activities in class is creating mock crime scenes, and using forensic science to solve the crime,” Mrs. Intelicato enthusiastically explains.

Her passion for forensic science stemmed from her college education and watching shows like CSI, The New Detective, Matlock, and Murder She Wrote. From interning at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, “I learned a great deal about proper techniques involving crime scene investigation, conducting an autopsy, and the court of law.”  she elaborates. “I enjoy sharing my own personal stories with my students to show them first-hand how science and law enforcement come together to solve a puzzle.”

At PALCS, Science, Scuba, and Travel

In the fall, Mrs. Intelicato teaches Marine Science because she also has a passion for the ocean and its creatures in it. Mrs. Intelicato tells us how she “[has] always loved the story of Darwin and how he came to his conclusion about evolution and natural selection.”

During the summer of 2017, Mrs. Intelicato took a group of PALCS students abroad to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. “I really wanted students to experience the Darwin finches, the Galapagos tortoise, marine iguanas, sea lions.” Her favorite experience on this trip was “snorkeling off the coast of San Cristobal Island, [when] sea lions came up to the group and just played with us. It was just a really wonderful experience. Afterwards, students just sat on La Loberia beach and watched the sea lions sleep and play.”

Mrs. Intelicato believes that travel is an important life experience. She claims that “traveling allows students to build confidence and self-esteem, they develop problem solving skills, it opens their eyes to new things, and it allows them to experience a new social and cultural perspective.”

This summer, Mrs. Intelicato will be taking a group of students to Eastern Europe, to visit Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic. Over the next few years, she is working to build a domestic trip program for middle school PALCS students, focusing on National Parks. “America has so many fascinating things to see, and I have only been to a few of them.” Between now and 2024, she plans on taking students to the Florida Everglades, Yellowstone National Park, and Yosemite National Park.

In Her Free Time

When she is not working, Mrs. Intelicato spends most of her time with her family and teaching in the water. “I have twin sons that are four years old. So they keep me pretty busy. In my free time, I like to teach scuba diving. I am an assistant instructor at a local scuba shop. My passion for teaching extends to this. Scuba diving is a great way to relax and see things you would not get to see otherwise. It is a different world beneath the surface of the ocean.”

Her passion for scuba came from her aunt, who took her on her first scuba diving trip when she graduated from high school. “I learned to dive and saw a great reef system, a barracuda, and sea turtles. I was hooked from that point on.” Being a teacher, Mrs. Intelicato has off in the summers, which is when she spends lots of time at the beach! “It is my happy place and I make sure my boys appreciate everything about it. Sand castles are always a must, and they are learning to swim now, so I can’t wait for them to turn ten so I can take them scuba diving!”

We would like to thank Mrs. Intelicato for taking the time to speak with us and sharing her story! Ms. Intelicato has been truly a wonderful asset to the PALCS community. We are so proud and honored to have her on our team!