Student Spotlight: Kaylee Goetz

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An internship isn't something you usually hear about at the high school level, but with more and more competition among today’s students, it is important for students to set themselves apart. This is why here at PALCS, we think it is so important for students to get a head start on gaining real world experiences. 10th grade PALCS student Kaylee Goetz understands how important that is, which is why she is so proud to have landed an internship this year with radio station WFYL 1180 AM in Montgomery County.

PALCS Family Interviewed by TV News about Internet Filtering

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The Lackey family was recently interviewed by WPVI’s Erin O’Hearn for the Channel 6 Action News segment know as “Your Life,” which aired in the Philadelphia area on November 2, 2016. The family was interviewed about their experience using a new filtering device to enforce internet safety and time spent in front of the computer. The new system is called Circle; it is designed to make the most out of technology while still keeping families connected and safe over the internet. While PALCS places a security filter on all of our devices known as iBoss, the Lackey family wanted to explore an additional internet filtering system for their personal devices, as well.

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