Family Spotlight: The Manternach Family

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Meet Carey and Doug Manternach: two caring parents who want the absolute best education for their three children, Kaylene, Kaleb and Sammi. The Manternach family had previously lived in Illinois for seven years before moving to Pennsylvania, where they were faced with some challenges when it came to educating their children. Prior to PALCS, they attended their local district’s brick and mortar school in Luzerne County, which did not meet their students’ individual needs. In 2015, they chose to enroll in PALCS and will now be going into their 3rd year with us this upcoming fall. Carey recently shared her family’s story with us and all that has changed since choosing PALCS for the education of her children.

Family Spotlight: The Ellison Family

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Here at PALCS, students enroll from all around the state for many different reasons. Getting the chance to speak to students and their families to learn their stories is one of the great joys of being a state-wide cyber charter school. We recently had the chance to speak to parent Colleen Ellison, who has two students enrolled here at PALCS. The Ellison family lives in Allegheny County and frequently visitsthe PALCS Western Regional Office located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Family Spotlight: The Byler Family

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The Byler family has eight children, all of whom have attended PALCS at some point during their schooling. Five Bylers are PALCS graduates and an additional student remains with us as a senior this year. We recently had the chance to speak to the Byler family about their students, what they are doing now, and how school choice and cyber school impacted their family.

PALCS Alumni Excel as Creative Professionals

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Kurtis, Kris, and Nik Theorin had always taken an interest in filmmaking and writing. Being enrolled at PALCS allowed them to follow those interests and use them in class assignments. During their time at PALCS, they had the chance to create several films that USP still shows today. PALCS allowed the Theorin students to create their own schedules so that they could work on their school assignments while still being able to explore their passions and work on their own projects on the side. After graduating, the Theorin brothers decided to start a company called Something’s Awry Productions. They work with national companies and small businesses on achieving their marketing goals. They started working with the LEGO group several years ago; LEGO has now become one of their biggest clients.

PALCS CPFA Student Nominated in Winning Film Festival Short

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Congratulations to eighth grade PALCS Center for Performing and Fine Arts student Cole Gabrielson on his acting nomination in the award-winning short film "The Radio" at the Brightside Tavern Film Festival in New Jersey. Cole was nominated for Best Actor in a Short. The short was also nominated for Best Short, Best Director for a Drama, Best Cinematography, and Best NJ Short. "The Radio" won for Best Short at the Brightside Tavern Film Festival.

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