Socialization in Cyber School

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The number one concern most families have when making the switch from a brick-and-mortar school to a cyber-school is socialization. When will my children get the socialization skills they need? Are there any socialization opportunities? Will my child meet new friends? These are all questions we hear fairly often.

March PALCS Activities

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If you were a fly on the wall at any of the PALCS offices this past Friday, March 2, you would have seen what we mean when we say there is always something going on within the PALCS community! Students from all different grades and their families gathered at PALCS offices across the state for different events and activities that took place throughout the day.

PALCS Visits the Carnegie Museums

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On Friday, February 16, 2018, over 200 members of the PALCS community gathered at the Carnegie Museum of Art & Natural History in Pittsburgh, PA. All students in grades K-12 were invited, along with their families and friends, joined by teachers and staff, for a free day of educational fun at the connected museums of Natural History and Art. The event ran from 10 am - 12 pm, though families were invited to stay the duration of the day.

PALCS USP Activity Group Accomplishments and Victories

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The PALCS University Scholars Program offers students the opportunity to join a long list of student activity groups. Such groups include: the Mock Trial Team, Moot Court Team, Academic Team, Drama Activity Group, The Algorythms: USP’s A Capella Group, and many more. These activity groups not only kicked off 2017 with victories and triumphs, but are ending 2017 in the same way!

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