Meet the Student and Staff Support Departments

PA Leadership Charter School has qualified and dedicated staff members who support the daily operations of the school.  Beyond the teaching staff and our IT department, there are several other departments who support our students and staff.

Business Services

Business Services, support the financial aspect of PALCS including child accounting. Child accounting are notifications to school districts that students have transferred to us. Business services also handles any and all bills that are received and internet reimbursement.

Health Services

Our School Nurse supports the emotional and physical well-being of students.  The nurses will monitor students for physical updates, wellness, and general good health. During the enrollment process, the nurse conducts vision and hearing tests.

Human Resources

The HR department is the support system for all staff, including staff benefits, payroll and recruitment of new staff. The team also takes care of the emotional and physical well-being of  staff and provides guidance as needed.

Information Team/Marketing Team

The Information and Marketing department are responsible for supporting prospective families. The team are also responsible for the overall branding and marketing strategy for PALCS. They also schedule information sessions, building tours and write the PALCS blog.

Operations and Maintenance

The Operations and Maintenance department are responsible for all of our buildings, their structures, and any internal maintenance concerns. Additionally, the team make sure staff and visitors remain safe at all times by conducting fire drills, routine system checks and any other building related topics.

Video Production Team

The Video Production Team captures all of those PALCS special moments.  From graduation, to field trips, from teacher lessons to picnics. The video production team try to capture it all.