An internship isn’t something you usually hear about at the high school level, but with more and more competition among today’s students, it is important for students to set themselves apart. This is why here at PALCS, we think it is so important for students to get a head start on gaining real world experiences. 10th grade PALCS student Kaylee Goetz understands how important that is, which is why she is so proud to have landed an internship this year with radio station WFYL 1180 AM in Montgomery County.

Kaylee’s internship is with the radio station’s marketing department, where she is responsible for posting updates on the station’s social media pages. She originally discovered the internship opportunity from her guidance counselor, Mrs. Christine Marks, who spread the word and gave her students an opportunity to apply. Kaylee’s original interest in completing an internship in high school was the fact that she could gain real life, hands-on work experience in an established company. “I consider it a good learning experience in professional communication. I find myself exchanging emails with the hosts and many guests,” said Kaylee. Having an internship has been a very positive and rewarding experience for Kaylee and she would encourage her fellow students to look into one and take advantage of the opportunities offered here at PALCS. “I would recommend an internship to any student looking into college or work in the same department. It looks great on a resume and you get great experience. The only advice I have is to be flexible,” she explained

Originally from Franklin County, Kaylee lives in Greencastle, PA. This is Kaylee’s first year at PALCS, first enrolling in September 2016. In regards to why she chose to attend PALCS over other schools she said, “When I was researching cyber schools, this is the one I liked the best! I liked the flexible schedules and the fact that it is the #1 PA Cyber school for SAT scores and in PA’s top 100 schools.” Her favorite subjects in school are math and English. In response to adjusting to Cyber School after attending a brick-and-mortar school, Kaylee said “I am loving it! I love having control over my schedule, my teachers are so friendly, and my guidance counselor is so helpful!” In college, she hopes to study accounting. Although her internship is in a different department, Kaylee explained that, either way, having an internship will help her get into a college, giving her a competitive edge on her applications.

We would like to congratulate Kaylee on her internship and taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity! We want to encourage students to reach out to their guidance counselors, teachers, and their communities to see all of the opportunities available for determined and motivated students. It is never too early to start gaining real world experiences to help you in the future and PALCS is here to help!