Meet Jaclynn Grace Heckendorn, a 10th grader at PALCS. After hearing about PALCS through her best friend, Grace started her cyber-education journey with us when she was in 6th grade. In her spare time, Grace raises, breeds, sells, and shows goats!


PALCS’ flexible schedule allows Grace to spend more time with her goats than she ever could in a regular brick and mortar school. Grace says that her experience with PALCS so far has been great! She feels as though she is getting a better education, and “loves [her] teachers, classes, and that there are so many different electives to take.”

Where It All Began…

Grace grew up with a passion for animals, as her parents always had pets. When she was six years old, she got a pony, and then shortly after the Heckendorn’s decided to get goats. “Our neighbors raised goats, so we decided to buy a male and a female.” Grace explains that the female goats are referred to as “does”, and the neutered males are called “wethers”. Grace and her family currently have about twenty goats, and four that are currently pregnant.

Grace has been raising goats for seven years now, and shows in local fair’s and farm shows. This past summer, Grace won the Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat at the Dayton Fair 2018.

Tips for Showing

When showing animals, appearance, grooming, and showmanship are all factors that are taken into account when being judged. According to the American Goat Society (AGS), “a good showman is a person that can effectively present an animal in such a way as to enhance its best characteristics.” AGS continues to explain that during the shows, “you are judged on your abilities to both control and present your animal, and how you and your animal can work together as a team. Advance planning and practice are the keys to becoming a good showman.”

Good Luck!

We wish Grace the very best as she competes this upcoming week in the Harrisburg Farm Show. Grace will have an area set up at the Farm Show on Thursday, January 10th and Saturday, January 12th where she will be showcasing her breeding goats. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Thank you, Grace, for speaking with us and sharing your story! Keep up the hard work!