Meet Emily Scott, rising senior at PALCS and USP. This fall will be her 7th year with PALCS and our University Scholars Program. 


“I chose USP because I felt like I wasn’t challenged enough at my old school,” Emily explains. She had never heard of cyber education before, but when a friend (and USP student) recommended it to her, she says she “absolutely fell in love with everything USP” and is so happy that she discovered it!

Emily confirms that her experience at PALCS has been nothing short of amazing. “I am incredibly thankful to the teachers, community, and learning environment for always encouraging me to ask the hard questions and learn as much as I can. I would not be who I am today without PALCS and USP,” Emily explains. When asked, she said that Mr. Park and Mr. Markward are her favorite teachers. “They both encouraged me to think in different ways than I normally do, and to always dig deeper.”

Mock Trial & Yearbook Club

Emily is very active in USP’s mock trial team, as well as PALCS yearbook club. “Being captain of the mock trial team was amazing. This year my team (USP’s “B Team”) was awarded second place in the Chester County district competition, losing to our own A Team.” This was the first time in history that USP has won both first and second place at this competition. Emily explains, “I am incredibly proud of how far my team went this year, especially considering that most of them had never done mock trial before.”

In 2018, Emily started with the PALCS Yearbook Club, as a producer. “I helped ensure the smooth creation of the yearbook from separate pieces into a final product.” Last year, Emily was the head of writing, and this year she is president of the club. “Yearbook has been an exciting experience and a great way to combine leadership and creativity to create a final product,” Emily exclaims.

Camera’s for Climate Change

In May, Emily was featured in a Main Line Today article, where she talks about founding her own non-profit. When we asked why she started Cameras for Climate Change, Emily explains, “I have always cared about the environment, and photography has been a passion of mine since I was young.” 

When you buy a photo off of Emily’s website, one-hundred percent of the profits go directly to the Environmental Defense Fund, a nonprofit committed to fighting climate change through research and awareness. “While I don’t have the power to change global policy regarding climate change (yet), I decided that I could sell my photos to help make a difference. I believe that selling beautiful pictures of nature not only generates revenue to donate to research, but increases awareness for the beauty of nature and why it’s so important to save it,” Emily continues.

In addition to Cameras for Climate Change, Emily works as a bookkeeper with New Hampshire-based Orchids of Light Foundation. “They donate money to smaller nonprofits who don’t have enough funds for advertising, staffing, etc.” Emily explains, “ As bookkeeper, I track all donations and where they go, reconcile bank statements, and coordinate with accountants, donors, and other non-profit leaders.”

Goals & Beyond

Emily is a young lady whose determination and dedication can be seen on an everyday basis.

After she graduates from PALCS in 2021, Emily intends to attend college where she plans to major in neuroscience. “I hope to be a professional researcher in the field of neuroscience. I’ve always loved how the brain worked, and I just find it fascinating.”

A huge thank you to Emily for speaking with us, and sharing her story and accomplishments! Keep up the amazing work!