Photo credit: Lia Chang

Meet Dominic Corcoran, an 8th grader at PALCS, and an avid performer. Dominic and his older sister, Sofia, were born in Philadelphia and now reside in Delaware County.

Growing up, Dominic was a very precocious child, reading and entertaining at a very young age. Dominic fell in love with the theater after seeing The Lion King on Broadway when he was 4 years old. “He has always enjoyed performing, acting and singing, as well as drawing and writing,” his mother, Trisha, explains. Dominic’s inspiration to draw and write came from simple stories such as the Captain Underpants series, with its simple but creative illustrations, and memorable characters and story lines.

In elementary school, Dominic was a member of the elementary choir, and an ensemble member in the high school’s productions of Annie and The Little Mermaid when he was in 4th and 5th grade. Each year, Dominic has participated in his school’s annual talent shows, and even the Marple Newtown’s Got Talent Competition. In his free time, Dominic also enjoys playing piano and percussion. Although Dominic would love to participate in more off-Broadway or Broadway shows in the future, his ultimate goal is to become a writer/director and work in television or film.

When speaking with Trisha, she explained, “This is our first year in both PALCS/CPFA and it has been a pleasant experience!” The Corcoran family first heard about our Center for Performing and Fine Arts Program (CPFA) from one of her daughter’s friends. “Sophia was attending a private girls school at the time and there was very little to offer at the school as far as performing arts and music,” Trisha explained. “Dominic was in public school, participating in the band and select choir, but because he had no interest in sports and was a little different… he would sometimes get picked on in school he really wasn’t making any friend connections at the local public school. We scheduled a visit to CPFA, and both of my kids fell in love with the program!”

When asked about her experience so far, Trisha shares that, “the teachers have been wonderful and supportive, there is really a lot of help just a mouse click away. The biggest challenge for Dominic is staying focused on one assignment at a time… he likes to attempt to do several at once, and sticking to a schedule has been a big help!” Trisha offers her advice to new parents or students who are thinking about joining PALCS, “Adhere to a school schedule, utilize the help classes and after-school Homework Help.” She adds that “cyber school is a look into what college will be like in our children’s future.”

Today, Dominic and Sophia are thriving at PALCS and loving our CPFA program. Dominic is continuing to participate in CPFA’s talent shows and plays. Outside of school, Dominic belongs to the Keystone State Boychoir, where he became involved with the off-Broadway play, The Little Dancer. This is Dominic’s first performance in an off-Broadway production. The show will continue through December, with shows on Dec. 22nd, 26th, 27th, and 30th at the Theater at Blessed Sacrament, just east of Broadway, and tickets can be purchased here!

Dominic is thrilled to be performing with actors such as Jesse Dalton (ED/Degas), and Laura Sky Herman (Marie). The show is directed by Richard Vida, who has been working with the kids since early September to prepare them for the show. Lainie Sakakura, a former Rockette, is the choreographer. Dominic is very happy to be a part of this amazing theatrical experience”, his mom tells us. Dominic adds, “the best part is that the ticket sales will help to fund the Find Your Instrument! Program that helps put music in under-resourced schools in the Philadelphia area.”

Thank you to Trisha and Dominic Corcoran for speaking with us and sharing Dominic’s story. We are extremely proud of Dominic for all of his accomplishments, achievements, and successes. Good luck in your play this upcoming week, and keep up the hard work!