Meet Carinne Wancowicz, a 12th grader in her third year at PALCS. Carinne is a young lady whose ambition and dedication can be seen on an everyday basis! Originally, Carinne lived in Baltimore, Maryland, but moved to Pennsylvania with her family at age five.

Where it all began…

Carinne knew she wanted to excell in a sport of her own. She first participated in gymnastics, then tried playing soccer with her brother. However, Carinne did not find passion in either of those sports. After spending much time with one of her friends, Carinne began developing an interest in horses; she would immediately go to the fence line and call for the neighbor’s horses, or play will the filly horse anytime she could. Soon, Carinne began riding lessons and as time went on, she and her parents realized this was what she needed. Carinne’s parents bought her first horse, Confetti, when she was ten years old. At age fifteen, her parents bought another horse, Arrow, to help Carinne excel in riding. Eventually, the family bought a smaller house with 18 acres and two barns, and have added animals to the property such as ducks, mini goats, horses, and a mini donkey!


Carinne previously attended a brick-and-mortar school. However, her training schedule quickly became more challenging. Her trainer suggested cyber school as the best option, in order to continue both her training and work. Carinne and her parents looked into many other schools, but PALCS showed the most promise. The Wancowicz family needed to find a program flexible enough to cater to Carinne’s rigorous schedule. They love the setup of Canvas, as well as how open and invested the teachers and staff are to their PALCS students.

A typical week for Carinne consists of 60 hours or more of school, work, and finding time for friends/family. Carinne explains, “It is definitely a big step into adulting especially being only 15 when I started. I have learned to take advantage of days off to do as much school work as I can, and even after work I will complete my assignments.”

Since joining the PALCS community, Carinne learned to set schedules, ask for help often, and complete work efficiently. Carinne loves how community-oriented her school environment feels. “I liked that it was made clear that if I needed help, I would always get it no matter what.” Carinne loves that she can work at her own pace, and loves how understanding her teachers are. As a result, Carinne’s parents enjoy being able to see their children’s assignments, and know how they are doing in their courses through their Parent Log-in.

Wise words from Carinne.

When asked what advice she had for other students who may be juggling a full schedule, Carinne commented, “You have to push yourself to get on top of things or else it’s going to hurt you in the long run.” Carrine explains that her Junior year was extremely challenging academically. “I didn’t admit to the fact that I wasn’t trying to get my homework done and kept trying to blame work. It seems easier not to do the assignments but when your grades are bad, colleges won’t feel sympathy for you.” She desires for students to think about their future, and how beneficial it will be to be organized and motivated.

Beyond PALCS.

In November, Carinne competed and moved up a level to a preliminary completing, which was a huge accomplishment for her! She competes and works for Valley View Farms, located in Midway, Kentucky. Carrine is preparing for two more horse shows in Florida at the start of the new year. We wish Carinne the best of luck!

Carinne continues to set many goals for herself, both long-term and short-term. A current short-term goal is to improve her scores at the preliminary level. Carrinne also wishes to place at least top 10 in an upcoming horse show. Long-term goals include attending a community college after graduation, with the goal of eventually transferring to another college to continue her studies. As far as working with horses, Carinne plans on finding a job that will allow her to keep riding during school. After college, she would like to find an internship which will hopefully give her the support and training needed to have her own business with horses.


Thank you Carinne, for taking the time to answer our questions and sharing your story with us. We truly appreciate it and are so incredibly proud of you, keep chasing your dreams!

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