Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School would like to congratulate our very own, Ms. Carrie Longstreth, who has been named a 2019 Pennsylvania STEM Ambassador!

Ms. Longstreth, Student Network and Professional Studies Program Coordinator at PALCS, has been accepted as one of 31 ambassadors in the Pennsylvania STEM Ambassador Program.

The STEM Ambassador Program aims to shape the future of STEM education in the commonwealth by targeting vital policy conversations to legislative leadership in the areas of STEM Learning ecosystems, computer science, state and federal policy for formal and informal education, and workforce needs.

Representing leaders and emerging leaders in corporate from over 22 countries, PA STEM Ambassadors, including Ms. Longstreth, have agreed to invest the next nine months in training and policy development to share expertise and content knowledge with influential stakeholders to help develop a stronger voice in shaping STEM education policy issues.

Ms. Longstreth has dedicated the past nine years, working at PALCS. She has chosen to work in education because of her passion for the field. “There is nothing as rewarding as working with students,” she says. “I believe that educating the next generation is not only our privilege, but our responsibility.”

Before coming to PALCS, Ms. Longstreth worked as a developmental therapist at River Educational Services and taught pre-kindergarten at Fox Chapel Pre-School. She loves working at PALCS and explains, “It gives me the opportunity to work with students who might not have a chance to get a high school diploma anywhere else. I often ask myself, ‘What would happen to these students if we weren’t here?’”

PALCS’ purpose is to provide an academically challenging, knowledge-based curriculum, individually designed for each child’s needs. PALCS will combine the benefits of a classical basics oriented education with the latest internet and computer technology, and the best teaching and learning education practices.

“By providing students a STEM-filled education from an early age, we set forth an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to learning that not only produces strong math and science students, but refines crucial skills such as problem-solving, communication, critical thinking and creativity,” said Ms. Longstreth. “Integrating hands-on, minds-on learning prepares students for the technological advancements they will undoubtedly experience in their future. This is only possible when solid policies and adequate funding are put in place.”

“At Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School, we seek to provide students with the most innovative and current content with the STEM fields,” said Dr. Chris Hardin, High School Principal at Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School. “Presently, we are offering a number of advanced courses within the STEM category such as AP Computer Science, Computer Aid Design, Introduction to Engineering to name a few. The STEM Ambassador Program allows Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School to continue to evolve and evaluate our STEM offerings by meeting with experts all throughout the commonwealth.”

We are all extremely proud of Ms. Longstreth for her amazing accomplishments, and being named a 2019 Pennsylvania STEM Ambassador! Keep up the great work, Carrie!

If you would like to learn more about the Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network (PSAYDN), and the PA STEM Ambassador Program, more information is available here!