Spring break is here! PALCS spring break takes place from Monday, April 10th – Monday, April 17th. Whether you are traveling, catching up on your favorite TV show or making sure get as much sleep as you can, remember the 3 important R’s: relax, rejuvenate and reflect on the school year thus far.

Relax. Take this time as a student or a family to step away from devices, calendars and daily duties and concentrate on unwinding from the first three marking periods and recharge. Maybe it is sitting in a quiet place, listening to some music, or curling up on the couch for family game night; whatever it is, be sure to take a time out from it all and concentrate on yourself. Remember, your best work comes when you are at your best self.

Rejuvenate. Have some fun! Go outside and explore, go on an adventure and discover something new. Take this time and do something that you’ve wanted to do but never had the time to; pamper yourself. Get involved in your local community and see all that’s out there. Call up your friends and plan an outing. GO outdoors and enjoy the spring time air. Whatever it may be, make sure to take the time to reconnect with yourself and as a family.

Reflect. Think about all the hard work you have done this year and pat yourself on the back. You deserve to be recognized. Look at what you have accomplished and write down some goals you hope to reach by the end of the school year. Perhaps it is moving up a letter grade in a specific class or getting an “A” on an upcoming project; either way making those goals will help you focus and keep you motivated. If you are struggling or the past few marking periods haven’t been your best, it is not too late turn it around. Do not give up hope or get discouraged. Make a plan of action! Research all the resources at your disposal and take advantage of them. Reach out to your teachers, your guidance counselor and your family, each one of them want you to succeed and are there to help you do so. Keep the channel of communication open and do not hesitate to ask for help. Here at PALCS, our goal is for you to succeed and do your best.

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy your break from classes and deadlines and stay safe! Come back on Tuesday, April 18th ready to tackle the rest of the school year and make marking period 4 the best one yet! PALCS is so proud to have such dedicated and motivated students and is so thankful for all of your hard work!