Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School’s computer-based curriculum and instruction engage and educate special education students with a rich infusion of multimedia features.

Special Education Resource Teachers…

  • Help students with assignments.
  • Modify and present assignments in a different mode to ensure understanding and success.
  • Work with parents/guardians on how best to assist their child with academics.
  • Communicate (via phone, multimedia room, email) with students on a weekly, daily or as needed basis.
  • Provide one-on-one instruction time with students in the multimedia room.
  • Conduct IEP meetings annually and reconvene them as needed.
  • Research and provide assistive technology or supplemental software programs.
  • Provide quarterly IEP Progress Reports to parents/guardians indicating student progress toward goals and objectives.
  • Collaborate with regular education teachers on how best to meet the needs of each individual student.


Since PALCS is self-paced, the special education program works well for students with medical disabilities that require frequent hospital stays or rehabilitation at home. A laptop computer is provided so that students can attend school from the hospital or anywhere with an internet connection. Furthermore, students can access their school work at all hours of the day, night, and during the weekend.

Pennsylvania Parent Guide to Special Education: An informational PDF document designed for parents, regarding Special Education in Charter Schools.

Pennsylvania State Dept. of Education

Parent Education Network: Designed to support PA parent of children with special needs

PA Training & Technical Assistance Network (PATTAN): The Parent Guides and other publication resources provide a wealth of useful information on special education and other issues

Annual Public Notice

In compliance with state and federal law, the Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School will provide each protected handicapped student without discrimination or cost to the student or family, those related aids, services or accommodations which are needed to provide equal opportunity to participate in and obtain the benefits of the school program and extracurricular activities to the maximum extent appropriate to the student’s abilities.

In order to qualify as a protected handicapped student, the child must be of school age with a physical or mental disability that substantially limits or prohibits participation in or access to an aspect of the school program.

These services and protections for “protected handicapped students” are distinct from those applicable to all eligible or exceptional students enrolled (or seeking enrollment) in special education programs.

For further information on the evaluation procedures and provisions of services to protected handicapped students, contact the Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School at 610-701-3333, or via email at

July 1, 1999 – 22 Pa. Code Chapter 15

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