The Middle School Student Opportunity for Academic Recovery (SOAR) Program is designed for students who are over the traditional middle school age because of retention, truancy, or other challenges. The goal of the program is to provide academic recovery in the form of a pathway for students to complete middle school and transition to high school.

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SOAR Eligibility

SOAR Courses

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The high school SOAR program was started to help students who are in need of credit recovery.

Hallmarks include:

  • Accelerated Courses: Our courses are designed to help students earn graduation credits in half the time with focused, semester-long courses created by PALCS teachers. SOAR courses are offered in all core subjects (English, math, social studies, and science).
  • Dedicated Team: Teachers, academic advisors, special education teachers, and school counselors meet and collaborate regularly as a team to help students and their families, both in the classroom and beyond.
  • Personal Approach: We recognize the unique challenges that bring students to credit recovery, and we do what it takes to give students what they need to move forward, such as flexible schedules and extra support.

One of the biggest benefits of SOAR courses is that lessons can be completed at any time throughout the semester. It is best to stay on track with due dates, but unlike year-long courses, students do not have the hard deadlines at the ends of progress checks and marking periods. All assignments must be completed in order, regardless of due date.

Late Enrollments
Because SOAR courses are accelerated courses, students must complete all assignments, even if they enroll late. We want to be sure there is enough time to complete the course. If a student enrolls more than three weeks into the semester, the student may have an extension to complete work.

  • If the student enrolls after the first progress check of the fall semester, the student can have six progress checks, extending into the spring semester as needed, to complete the course.
  • If the student enrolls after the first progress check of the spring semester, the student can have into the summer to complete the course.
  • Extensions are contingent on the student making regular progress in the course.