PA Leadership Charter School (PALCS) students start their school day by signing in to our school website, PALCSchool, Monday through Friday (except holidays) throughout the school year. Signing in every day is a requirement by law to capture your daily attendance and to avoid any truancy or unexcused absences. It is important to develop a daily routine of signing in to school, viewing emails, daily announcements and schedules to avoid missing any crucial updates. Click images to expand and learn more.

Students can work on their courses in any order throughout the day. Some students start the day with their favorite subject, some choose to complete the harder subjects first. Each course generally has a lesson due every day. Within each lesson there are four different parts: purpose, process, product, and revise. Every course follows the PA standards aligned system and meets or exceeds all PA Core Standards.

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Many courses have live virtual lessons components. Live lessons take place several times per week. It is important to check with your teachers and guidance counselors on which live lessons are mandatory, as this varies from course to course and grade level. Each lesson may take approximately 30 minutes to an hour to complete. This is a great time to connect with your teacher and classmates in an online classroom, complete coursework and to ask any questions.

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Assignments are posted a week in advance of their due date and are presented in a variety of formats: multiple choice, essays, worksheets, open class forum posts and even picture, audio and video uploads. Students can work through the assignments at their own pace, although it is important to follow up on any work that needs to be completed, connect with teachers for support and submit everything by the due date given.

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Within PALCSchool and our learning platforms, there are custom organizational tools to help families see upcoming, completed and graded assignments. The gradebook is accessible to students and parents, progress can be checked at any time. Students can attend scheduled office hours to have live one-on-one question-and-answer time with teacher. Homework help is also available to students who may need some additional support.

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Throughout the day, it is important for families to remain on a schedule, complete assignments and communicate with teachers. Many parents will incorporate breaks or “recess” into the schedule to allow time for parents to check school emails, time for their child to refocus and perhaps time to prepare for the next lesson or assignment. Every day is a new learning opportunity filled with excitement and creativity!

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PALCS Demo - Succeed on Your Schedule

Curious to learn more about how Cyber school works for students? Julianna, a PALCS student shares her experience of what a cyber school day looks like. You can also click the tabs below to read more and see actual screen shots from our school systems.

Dr. Courtney Kofeldt Grove, Director of Online Learning, highlights how our parents and families stay connected and informed throughout our programs.