Military Connected Families at PALCS

The Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School welcomes military connected students and their families. Whether you, or someone in your household is on active duty, temporary deployment, in the Pennsylvania (Air) National Guard, or in the reserves we want to make sure that you are well cared for and receive the best education possible. What is better, is our remote learning platform accommodates the unpredictable nature of military life. Further, as a public school, PALCS abides by all of accommodations set forth by the Military Interstate Compact. Some of the key components include:

  • Enrollment and the records needed for enrollment
  • Transfer of education records from the previous school district(s) or variations in entrance/age requirements
  • Student placement and placement flexibility
  • Qualification and eligibility for enrollment, educational programs, and participation in extracurricular academic, athletic, and social activities
  • On-time graduation and graduation flexibility
  • Special Education Services
  • Absence related to Deployment Activities
  • Flexibility and cooperation between the educational system, parents, and the student to achieve educational success for the student

PALCS Purple Star Supports

Additionally at Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School, military connected students are offered the following:

  • A dedicated military liaison
  • Family ambassadors
  • Dedicated student leaders to help with orientation
  • Events for military connected families

Additional Resources

More resources for military connected families and information about the Military Interstate Compact can be found here:

Potential and current military families at PALCS can reach out to for any questions, concerns or request for assistance.