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The Professional Studies Program (PSP) is a program for students enrolled in grades 9-12 at PA Leadership Charter School (PALCS). PSP offers:

  • Online career exploration courses for students in grades 9-12

  • Complete enrichment activities and credits toward graduation

  • A path to earn an industry-recognized certification while in high school

  • Opportunity to develop real-world skills and experience in a career field

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The PSP is a program open to students in grades 9-12 enrolled in PALCS. This program focuses on four high-demand career clusters:

  • Business Management and Administration
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Health and Human Services

Within them, students explore careers. They also obtain skills, and the prospect to get industry certification.

As part of the program, students earn elective credits toward graduation. They also may prepare to take an outside exams in their chosen career cluster. Upon passing the test, students can earn an industry-recognized certificate. Not to mention, they will be armed with knowledge and skills for post-school success. Learn more »

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PSP Clusters and Pathways

The four available PSP career clusters are similar to majors. Career cluster are split between three and seven paths, like skills within majors.


Business Management and Administration

  • Administrative Support (Microsoft Office Certification)
  • Business Information Management (Accounting)
  • General Management


Hospitality and Tourism

  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Food Service and Hospitality
  • Travel and Tourism


Information Technology

  • Information Support and Services
  • Programming and IT Support: Java
  • Programming and IT Support: Python
  • Programming and IT Support: C++
  • Programming and IT Support: Web/HTML
  • Web and Digital Communications: Adobe
  • Web and Digital Communications: Game Design


Health and Human Services

  • Health & Human Services: Medical Billing and Coding
  • Health & Human Services: Medical Transcription
  • Health & Human Services: Early Childhood
  • Health & Human Services: Legal & Law Enforcement

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