Project Description

Title: Electives Department Co-Chair & Business and Technology Teacher

Teaching: High School Business and Technology

At PALCS Since: 2017

Education: Bachelor of Science in ISOM, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Master of Education, Cabrini University

Brief Biography: Mrs. McGowan is a career changer and has 10 years of combined experience working as a computer programmer, a systems engineer, and a project manager in the Information Technology industry. She has been teaching since 2008 and 6 of those years were teaching in various areas of technology in the brick and mortar setting.

Her reasoning for teaching – “I hope to share my love of learning. It is my passion to contribute to the future by helping others learn. The quality of a child’s education today affects not only the child’s future, but also the future of our communities. As a facilitator of learning, I hope my students always aspire above and beyond classroom expectations and become lifelong learners.”

Mrs. McGowan is excited about learning all of the cutting-edge EdTech tools used at PALCS and exclaims, “the combination of technology and teaching at PALCS is the wave of the future.”

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