Project Description

Teaching: High School Business and Technology

At PALCS Since: 2019

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Millersville University, Master of Education in Career and Technical Education from Temple University

Brief Biography: Ms. Kaelin has recently come to the field of teaching after a long career employed as an accountant in the manufacturing and software development field. She has taken her skills and years of experience in the business world and transitioned them into teaching at PALCS. Ms. Kaelin’s desire is to teach students the essential skills to find, acquire, maintain, and grow within a chosen career path. Her process is to demonstrate the fundamentals, theories and processes of business, in addition to practical hands-on learning, which in turn builds a strong foundation for those who wish to move on to business areas.
Ms. Kaelin’s family have hosted a number of foreign exchange students. Because of this she has been able to and continues to travel throughout the world visiting and traveling with her students. Bringing home and to her teaching a global perspective in today’s world.