Project Description

Teaching: High School English

At PALCS Since: 2021

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater/Communications and Certificate of Teaching Secondary English (7-12) and Middle Level Citizenship Education (6-9)

Biography: Prior to PALCS, Ms. Brice spent several years teaching at Blue Mountain Middle School and Blue Mountain High Schools as an English teacher. As an English teacher with a background in theater and professional writing in public relations and marketing, Ms. Brice strives to create student-centered, hands-on learning experiences for every learner she encounters. Her passion for teaching, the English language, storytelling, and the dramatic arts shines through each lesson to fully engage learners and encourage them to make their own connections with the literary arts and their world. She believes that the connections that we form between content and our lives generate authentic, lasting learning experiences that shape who we are.

Additionally, she believe that writing is thinking. As human beings, it is through writing that we fully develop our thoughts and analyze the world around us. Furthermore, it is through writing artfully that we are able to communicate and share our experiences with others.

At PALCS she hopes to inspire all of her students to be thoughtful and effective communicators who have the necessary skills to thrive in a constantly changing world.

Outside of PALCS, Ms. Brice is a mom of two lovely little girls and enjoys spending time reading, traveling, singing, running, and enjoying the theater.