Project Description

Teaching: High School Science

At PALCS Since: 2020

Education: Masters in Education Degree

Brief Biography: Ms. Megan Giampietro has a long history of STEAM education, including working with the School District of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School, and Drexel University. Her special projects and accomplishments include writing curriculum for the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica’s website. She is also a partner with the Drexel University Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program, as well as the Philadelphia Citizen’s for Children and Youth, a collaboration that including creating murals in order to educate young people about the importance of biodiversity. Ms. Giampietro is looking forward to educating young people at PALCS about the importance of increasing their knowledge of Earth, and how they can play an important role in the preservation of Earth’s unique biodiversity and natural resources.