Project Description

Teaching: High School English

At PALCS Since: 2014

Education: Bachelor of Arts from West Chester University

Brief Biography: Ms. Naylor was drawn to teaching firstly because of her experience with her own teachers. She had (and still has) an admiration for teachers who could share their knowledge and passion for a subject and make it relevant for everyone in the class. Her favorite classes were the ones where the teacher could relate the topic to the lives of her classmates. Even the students who had always struggled in a subject could find enjoyment and understanding if the class was taught well. As she continues her education, she is constantly reminded of the importance of keeping up with current events.

Before working for PALCS, she spent two years working for the Southeast Delco School District. Now at PALCS, Ms. Naylor is looking forward to learning new methods in which she can teach a diverse group of students. She wants to connect with students and make their learning environment a safe and positive one, while sharing her own passion for teaching and learning.

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