Project Description

Teaching: 1st Grade

At PALCS Since: 2019

Education: Bachelor of Science – West Chester University
Master of Education – St. Josephs University

Brief Biography: Mrs. Wilson has a big passion for teaching first grade. As a first grader, Mrs. Wilson did not know any English. She moved here from Norway (same country as Elsa and Ana from Frozen) and was completely shell-shocked, until her first grade teacher took her under her wing and showed her kindness, which made such an impact on Mrs. Wilson’s acclimation to American culture. While it took Mrs. Wilson many years to learn English properly, she felt the warmth and kindness of that teacher, and that was what made her feel safe. Mrs. Wilson strives to be that teacher for other students and makes it her goal for students to feel safe and heard, and then strives to instill a love for learning. Mrs. Wilson loves to get to know her students and their families and looks forward to seeing them on field trips!