Project Description

Teaching: Special Education Resource Teacher

At PALCS Since: 2015

Education: Master of Teaching in Special Education, Pacific University

Brief Biography: “I struggled with school as a child and knew that when I taught I wanted to help students have a good experience in school,” says Ms. Hitesman. “When I started working in special education I knew I found my place.”

Ms. Hitesman started teaching special education in Oregon in a middle school in 1999 and worked there until 2013. She then moved back to my home town of West Chester, PA. She worked in 2 local districts until she found her wonderful job at PALCS. “I love getting the chance to teach kids through a cyber method, I find that the student is able to focus and learn so much more. One of the most entertaining parts of my job is getting to work with students in all grade levels: Kindergarten through High School!”

Ms. Hitesman’s passion is music and she is learning to play the ukulele. “It’s pretty easy and since I’ve played guitar all of my life, I’ve been able to learn fairly quickly.”

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