Project Description

Teaching: French

At PALCS Since: 2022

Education: Bachelor of Arts in French and Secondary Education, Chestnut Hill College

Brief Biography: Ms. (Madame) Alana Siegler was a former PALCS student who enrolled in French courses at the elementary level. She continued taking French in Middle and High School and excelled in the language with the support and encouragement of PALCS’s wonderful French teachers, Mrs. (Madame) Julie Crisafio and Ms. (Madame) Benedicte Barlat. In fact, while only in Middle School, she fondly remembers her teachers saying to her, “You would make a great French teacher!” Through a connection with Madame Crisafio’s colleague, a French and Russian Professor, she enrolled in French courses at Chestnut Hill College while still in high school. In college, she also acquired a Russian minor to honor her roots and discovered (for the second time since PALCS) the meaning of Emperor Charlemagne’s statement, “To have another language is to possesses a second soul.” As a teacher, her goal is not only to teach French, but also to help students discover beautiful aspects of themselves and learn how to express/apply them in this increasingly globalized world.