Project Description

Title: Middle School School Counselor, grades 6-8 (A-Go)

At PALCS Since: 2015

Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Kutztown University
Master of Science in School Counseling with a K-12 certification

Brief Biography: “I’ve worked in the Mental Health field since 2003 as a Mental Health Technician and as well as administering Cognitive re-training therapies for Alternative Education,” says Mrs. DiFerdinando. In 2007, she decided to pursue her master’s degree in School Counseling, “because helping students find their passion for learning and their motivation to achieve brings me joy. I’ve enjoyed helping students as a school counselor since 2011. When I joined the PALCS team in 2015, I was thrilled to take on a new career challenge by making student connections even more meaningful through the cyber environment.”

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