Project Description

Teaching: High School Science

At PALCS Since: 2007

Education: Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science and Chemistry, Alvernia College
Master of Education, Alvernia College

Brief Biography: Mrs. Intelicato has always had a love for science. “I had the best high school environmental science teacher who always had a way to engage his students,” she says.

After Mrs. Intelicato graduated from high school, she earned my bachelors degree in Forensic Science and Chemistry. “Forensic science was a great fit for me because I have always been fascinated with how science can solve crimes. I went directly onto earning my masters degree in education because I love helping students and sharing my love of science with them. Throughout my years at PALCS, I have started a Forensic Science class that has become very popular. I have also started a Marine Science course along with teaching students how to scuba dive.”

In the summer of 2019, Mrs. Intelicato will be taking a handful of students to Eastern Europe, “to share my love of history, geography, science, and travel with them.” She hopes to continue traveling to exotic places in the future with students.