Project Description

Teaching: University Scholars Mathematics

Years at PALCS: 2020

Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics Education from Penn State University

Brief Biography: Mrs. Demi loves to make her mathematics classes fun and engaging while instilling in her students the discipline necessary to excel in mastering the content area. A math teacher inspired her love of mathematics, and she would love to be that teacher for the students at University Scholars. Mrs. Demi has almost 20 years of teaching experience in public and home school classrooms. In addition, she continues to be the technical editor of an elementary mathematics curriculum. Before returning to full-time teaching at the University Scholars Program, Mrs. Demi homeschooled her seven now-adult children while teaching multiple mathematics courses to both gifted and special needs children at the middle school and high school levels. Four of her children are engineers (software and mechanical), one accountant, one artist, and one still in college, majoring in physical education. She and her husband, Jeff, have been married for almost 37 years and love to do crazy things together, like travel across the country in a rebuilt camper van and construct basement forts with their seven grandchildren. They currently reside in West Chester. Mrs. Demi tries to be an avid exerciser, loves spending time with her ever-growing family, and is a voracious reader and writer.