Project Description

Title: Social Studies Teacher, Leadership & Student Government Coordinator

At PALCS Since: 2004

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science in Education: Social Sciences, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Master of Art in Education with Principal Certification, California University
Entrepreneurial Certificate, West Chester University

Brief Biography: Although Mr. Parris received his teaching degree in 1979, he did not begin formally teaching until 2004. It was working with students in his church’s homeschooling ministry that made him decide to leave his career in sales and management for teaching. “During this period,” he explains, “I taught classes, implemented events, camps, and competitions. The children that I interacted with inspired me to work in education.” Before coming to PALCS, Mr. Parris spent half a year teaching in the Philadelphia School District. He worked for the United States Chamber of Commerce for 17 years in development. “I have worked in development for over 20 years, and I have had my own business. I enjoy innovation especially in education.”

Prior to taking over the Leadership program, Mr. Parris taught several different subjects at PALCS, including civics, business communications, US history, world geography, and health & physical education. The thing he likes best about teaching at PALCS is that it is an extension of the homeschooling experience and allows him “to teach independent learners to direct projects of their choosing,” he says. “I like to prepare our students to lead others.”

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