Project Description

Title: Elementary Special Education Learning Support

At PALCS Since: 2015

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Special Education
Masters of Science in Education

Brief Biography: Before coming to PALCS, Mr. Epps was a substitute teacher in Chester county for two years. In those two years, he taught students from kindergarten through fifth grade in both regular and special education settings. Besides just working as a substitute teacher, he also worked as a 1-on-1 with students who had severe special education disabilities.

Mr. Epps was drawn to teaching because, “I use to babysit a lot in my neighborhood, and I realized that I enjoyed it so much and I was the children’s favorite babysitter because I made it fun. I then thought to myself, I could do this as a career and become a teacher, but instead of being the children’s favorite babysitter because I’m fun, I could be the favorite teacher because I make it fun to come to school.”

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