Project Description

Title: CPFA Film Teacher

At PALCS Since: 2019

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Franklin and Marshall College
Master of Media Arts from Temple University

Brief Biography: Mr. Council’s interest in film began in high school when he took a science fiction and fantasy film elective course. This blossomed into a commitment to studying the art of film-making at Franklin and Marshall College, where he was able to make interdisciplinary documentaries and short fiction films. Post graduation Mr. Council worked at various companies that allowed him to explore other hybrid media arts formats such as animation, virtual reality, and digital video installations, just to name a few. He was able to further educate himself on the ever expansive world of media arts at Temple University where he was able to collaborate with students and teachers from various other art disciplines in mixed digital and fine arts projects.

Through his various educational and professional endeavors Mr. Council was able to teach and mentor students about the modern accessibility of digital technology and it’s progressive capability to make previously expensive and complicated visual art projects. This interest in practicing and experimenting with emerging digital technologies, along with continuing dialogues about the new digital arts landscape has led Mr. Council to his hybrid position at PALCS.

In his free time Mr. Council enjoys playing basketball, videogames, playing saxophone, and of course watching movies! Mr. Council looks forward to sharing his love for visual arts with the talented PALCS and CPFA students!