Project Description

Title: IT Systems Engineer

At PALCS Since: 2015

Brief Biography: “When I was about 11 we got a small used computer from a friend that wasn’t working,” begins Mr. DiFerdinando about his interest in IT. “I knew nothing about computers as we never had one and so I decided to take it apart to try to fix it. I had the initiative, but the skills clearly weren’t there because when I put it back together, I had a workbench full of extra pieces!”

“From there I was determined to fix it, so I went to the Philadelphia Library and rented out as many computer books as I could. I read them day and night until I was finally able to put the skills to use and put the computer back together. Now, a number of years later, a ton of reading and a lot of hard work, I’m working in the premier cyber school in PA providing our staff the access and information that they need to educate our students to the highest standards.”

Mr. DiFerdinando notes that he has “way too many gadgets to list and I love helping people understand technology, rather than just fixing the problem, so that they can become confident users in the future.”