Project Description

Title: Middle School Spanish Teacher

At PALCS Since: 2017

Education: Bachelor of Science in Commerce, University of Santo Tomás
Master of Education, Holy Family University
Diploma de Estudios Hispanicos, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Educational Leadership, Holy Family University

Brief Biography: Señor Castillo, who is originally from the Philippines, first taught Spanish at a university in Manila. In 1988, he moved to Spain to study language, literature, and culture. He continued to live and work in Madrid, and, subsequently, got his Spanish citizenship in 1993. On September 1, 2001, he came to the US to teach at MaST Community Charter School. Ten days later, he asked himself, “Did I make the right decision to move from Spain to America?” Despite those terror attacks, his answer was “yes”. In 2014, he became a US citizen.

Before joining PALCS, he taught at New Foundations Charter School. He is also an adjunct instructor at Saint Joseph’s University. Señor Castillo enjoys traveling, cooking, and staying healthy.

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