Hannah Ishizaki (10th grade) and Joseph Comella (11th grade) will be joining many talented musicians in March at Kresge Theatre at Carnegie Mellon University as part of the Pittsburgh Concert Society 2016 Young Artists Auditions. Ishizaki is set to perform on March 6th, 2016 while Comella’s is on March 20th, 2016. Both, along with their families, are looking forward to the upcoming performances.

Congratulations to both students!

Find out more about each student below.

Hannah Ishizaki

Hannah’s earliest memory of the violin was in first grade at her elementary school assembly where a mariachi band came to perform for the students. The sound fascinated her and piqued her interest. Since then, her talents have broadened.

While Hannah is a seasoned performer (often seen in Penn Quartet) she is also a composer and a conductor. In 2014, one of her full orchestra pieces was selected in the Pittsburgh Philharmonic Young Composers Contest and the performance was broadcasted on WQED.

Along with her passion for music, Hannah enjoys reading in her spare time and is excited about her upcoming performance. You can check out more information on Hannah at her website.

Joseph Comella

Joseph first saw cellist Yo-Yo Ma on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood when he was two years old. Upon seeing the performance, Joseph was inspired to play the cello, but the family did not have one at the time. Instead, they gave him an old violin that had been sitting in a closet. Since then, Joseph has been playing the violin and continues to showcase his talents all over the world.

Aside from travel and violin, Joseph enjoys fencing and has been doing so since the age of eight. He has plans to continue his musical education into college.