On January 25, 2022, PALCS student Gabrielle Sedlar spoke a rally held by PA Families for Education Choice. Gabrielle is an 11th grade student PA Leadership Charter School (PALCS). The rally was a celebration of National School Choice Week and organized by Gabrielle’s mother, Sharon Sedlar. National School Choice Week is January 23-29, 2022.

Sharon’s has four children as students with PA Leadership Charter School and is a strong and vocal advocate for school choice. She recently founded PA Families for Education Choice (PAFEC), a grassroots advocacy organization in July 2021. More information is available on Twitter and Facebook.

Gabriel begins speaking at 21:41

Gabrielle has three siblings enrolled at PALCS and also part of the school’s University Scholars Program. At the PA Families for Education Choice (PAFEC) Rally, Gabrielle spoke about the impact education choice has had on her and her family’s life. She spoke about her journey moving from a traditional brick and mortar school to PALCS. Gabrielle shared that the pandemic drove her mother to enroll her and her siblings in PALCS because it was a better alternative for at-home online education. Gabrielle is excited about the course and professional career options PALCS provides. In her speech, Gabrielle also highlighted the clubs and organizations at PALCS including the American Sign Language club and the dual enrollment opportunity her sister has taken advantage of.  Gabrielle also noted that due to being enrolled in PALCS her social circle is a more positive and beneficial place.