Pie chart, years of employment with PALCS

One of the most important components of any school is the employees and staff that work tirelessly everyday to insure their students succeed. A sign of a stable organization is the longevity of their dedicated employees who have remained with the organization throughout the years.

PA Leadership is proud to report that 40% of PALCS Faculty and Leadership have been a part of the community for 5 or more years.

As a result of the staff’s dedication and loyalty, PALCS is able to provide a truly relationship-focused approach to education, leading to genuine engagement with our community while also establishing a sense of stability in a secure environment. PALCS has assembled highly skilled groups of academic administrators, grade level teams, and support staff to ensure students have everything they need in order to reach their goals.

Each grade level team has teachers across all subject areas, special education teachers, guidance counselors, academic advisors and support staff. All teachers at PALCS are certified, highly qualified, have life experiences in their area of expertise, and many have years of teaching experience. Our teachers partner with the parent to provide thorough accountability for each student.

First opening the digital doors in 2004, PALCS now has over 250 staff members, 93 of whom have worked with students and families for over 5 years, some even over 10 years!   Click here to view the complete staff longevity list.

PALCS is eternally grateful to all of the dedicated staff members, especially those who have remained throughout the years! PALCS staff makes it possible!