PALCS Robotic Team Places

The PALCS Robotics Team, “The Eternity Coders,” recently competed in the Diamond State Championships. Students from across the nearby states, comprised of 24 teams, came together to compete.

The “Eternity Coders” won the first four out of five qualifying matches and placed 3rd place overall at the end of the qualifying round. For their achievements, the team received medals and a trophy recognizing their status as finalists.

The robotics team commented about placing, “It was a bit of a bumpy road at times. However, it was both fun and a great learning experience.”

The team looks forward to competing in the Pennsylvania qualifier in Harrisburg on February 20, 2016.

Congratulations to Robert Cote (12th grade), Mike Brace (12th grade), Nick Serkes (11th grade) and Colin Leonard (7th grade). These students represent both PALCS and our school’s USP Program.

About the Eternity Coders

They were founded at PALCS-USP in 2014 to participate in the FTC organization and events.  They strive to uphold the virtues of gracious professionalism and strive to be active participants in robotics and coding related events and competitions. This is one of the first times this PALCS Robotic Team has placed in a tournament.