The Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School is the best performing cyber charter school in Pennsylvania for senior SAT scores, and the #2 charter high school overall. The news was reported on on February 24, 2016, via the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Of the 7 cyber charter schools in the top 20 across the state, PALCS is #1, with the average senior SAT score of 1572.

The PALCS Class of 2015 ranked in second place among all charter high schools in the state, both cyber and brick-and-mortar. Of all 600+ public Pennsylvania schools whose scores were published, traditional brick-and-mortar, charter and cyber, PALCS is tied for 60th* place.

When all 2015 PALCS students in all grade levels taking the SAT are accounted for, PALCS students score 1638, according to Shavaun McGinty, PALCS supervisor of guidance. The 2015 Pennsylvania state average is 1485.

SAT scores are an accumulative total of three tests; math, reading and writing. Students’ scores can fall between 200 and 800 points on each test.

Congratulations to our talented students!

* PALCS has confirmed with the Pennsylvania Department of Education as of 3/11/16 that the PDE is reporting senior-only scores, not the average scores from all SAT test-takers in the school. When tied scores are accounted for, PALCS ranks in 60th place.