PA Leadership Charter School is proud to announce the outstanding news that our students have the highest SAT and ACT scores of all charter school students in Pennsylvania, including both cyber charter schools and brick-and-mortar charter schools.

The PA Department of Education released complete 2019 SAT and ACT score results  at the end of February 2020.  The Philadelphia Business Journal/Pittsburgh Business Times also provided a searchable list.

PALCS ranked #1 on the SAT, not just among cyber charter schools, but also brick-and-mortar charter schools. We ranked nearly two times better than the next best brick-and-mortar charter school in the state. And over three times better than the next cyber charter school.

Overall, PALCS ranks #59 of 686 public schools in the state for SAT scores, with a composite score average of 1152.

For the ACT, PALCS scored even higher across the state, ranking #3 of 347 public schools. We share the distinction of the 3rd highest composite score with 13 other schools, with an average of 27.

PALCS students have consistently shown strong performance on college-bound standardized tests over the years, with our success continuing to grow. This success can be attributed to our wonderful teachers, top-notch curriculum, and the hard work of our students. Congratulations to our entire PALCS community!

If your family would like to join the best cyber charter school in the state and find out what PALCS can make possible, you can learn more about PALCS on our website, attend an information session, or begin to enroll now.