During this special time of year, we like to give thanks to important people and look back at the opportunities that we have been afforded.

We would first like to offer a sincere thank you to our PALCS community, consisting of our passionate students, both of the past and present, their supportive and dedicated families, and all the supporters of our school, from the members of the board to the passionate individuals who fight for school choice every day. We have an amazing community and body of students who are full of talent and potential to become tomorrow’s leaders. Our students continuously beat all expectations and receive outstanding scores, which is why PALCS has continuously been named a top performing school on the SAT and ACT. PALCS even ranked as the #1 charter school in Pennsylvania for ACT scores thanks to our outstanding students who are supported by their families and teachers.

Which brings us to thanking the special group of talented individuals who work tirelessly to serve our students and families to make sure we are always meeting their needs: PALCS employees. Our PALCS faculty and staff, which includes the administration, as well as our instructional and non-instructional staff, all of whom we credit with making our school and unique programs possible. From our state-certified, teacher-created curriculum, our flexibility, and our wide range of classes and levels, we truly have a one-of-a-kind, individualized program to meet the needs of students of all learning capabilities. We, the PALCS employees, are so proud to see our students succeed and grow, and we are glad to work alongside over 250 talented, caring individuals.

Last but certainly not least, we would like to say how thankful we are for public education and the freedom of school choice. Although it is still a relatively new subject for some, school choice has become the topic of many current conversations and debates and we are thankful for that. It is important for families to be aware that they do have choices when it comes to their child’s education. The parents of over 2700 students this year, and thousands more since 2004, have chosen a state-approved school that offers students an interactive and innovative curriculum taught by highly qualified and state certified teachers: PA Leadership Charter School. We are appreciative of the ability to offer a quality, public education to children in the state of Pennsylvania.

We are thankful to serve our PALCS families: those who need extra support and those who need the freedom to thrive. Together, we share the title of the #1 best online school in Pennsylvania and #9 best online school in America. On behalf of everyone here at PALCS, we would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are forever grateful for your continued support!