April is recognized as the Month of the Military Child, a time to honor and celebrate the resilience and sacrifices of the children of military families. With over 1.6 million children with a parent serving in the military, it is important to recognize the unique challenges and experiences that they face.

The Month of the Military Child was established in 1986 by the Department of Defense in order to recognize the sacrifices made by military children and to honor their resilience in the face of adversity. It is a time for the nation to thank military children for their strength and bravery, and to acknowledge the unique challenges they face as part of a military family.

Military children often face frequent moves and disruptions to their education, as well as extended periods of separation from their parent(s) due to deployments. They also experience the stress and uncertainty that comes with having a loved one in harm’s way. Despite these challenges, military children demonstrate remarkable resilience, adaptability, and strength.

It is important to recognize that the sacrifices made by military children are not just limited to the month of April. Military children face challenges and make sacrifices year-round, and it is important to support and honor them throughout the year.

There are many ways that individuals and communities can show support for military children and their families. Simply saying “thank you” to military children for their service and sacrifices can go a long way. Volunteering with organizations that support military families, such as the USO or Operation Homefront, can also make a difference. Something as small and simple as offering a friendly exchange can have an impact. Community is key.

In conclusion, the Month of the Military Child is an important time to recognize and honor the sacrifices and resilience of military children. It is also a reminder of the ongoing need to support military families and their children throughout the year. By showing our support and gratitude, we can help military children and their families thrive in the face of their unique and quite often relatable challenges.