The PALCS middle school teachers are led by Principal Dr. Johnson. Teachers work in real time with students online, creating fun and engaging lessons. By providing provide office hours, students can reach out to their teacher for additional support.

All of the PALCS middle school teachers are state certified and attend multiple professional development courses throughout the school year. Each one of them is dedicated to your child’s learning.

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Shout Outs

Ms. Stefanski – Guidance Counselor

Ms. Stefanski is a huge asset to USP! Her dedication and relentless efforts to support youth is beyond imaginable. As you walk the halls of USP, you witness her interacting with the students and giving them the time and attention they need. We know she wears many hats in her role as Guidance Counselor, but I cannot thank her enough for guiding me, as a parent, to investigate and identify underlying issues for my youth’s success. Thank you!!

Kendra Snyder, Parent

Mrs. Miller – 7th Grade Math Teacher

I am not that great at math and am still working on it, but Mrs. Miller helped me so much with little things that made a big deal. She went above and beyond to ensure that I got what I needed to know and she made sure I understood what was being taught. Overall, she helped me and even made me like math(a little) anyways, Mrs. Miller has definitely made my experience at PALCS really special.

Nicole Falu, Student

Rose Owens – 5th Grade Teacher

In two short weeks, after returning from her leave, Mrs. Owens has already connected so incredibly to my student through daily announcements, assignment feedback, and lots of sharing and asking in virtual lessons. Her positivity is a breath of fresh air and is inspiring me to model how I assist my student with lessons in the same upbeat manner. She’s honest and frank, but encouraging and really makes the students think about not just their answer, but how and why they are using that thought process. Feeling very blessed right now to have her not only teaching my child, but influencing her as well.

Candee Jackson, Parent

Brianne Patterson- High School English

Mrs. Patterson is one teacher in a long line of inspiring English teachers, but she still stands out. She challenges us especially in an honors course, but still makes everything fun and relevant without losing the depth of the class. She is passionate about what she teaches and gets really excited in almost every virtual lesson. Also, she understands that much of the material is boring to the average person, so she tries her best to get us invested by prompting us to discuss and talk about what we are reading and discussing. She is always encouraging us to do our bests and treats our achievements like something to be celebrated. I am never afraid to ask her for help or advice and I have loved her course so far.


Mrs. Todd and Ms. DuerrSpecial Education and Resource

Mrs. Todd and Ms. Duerr traveled in this freezing weather to provide support for my 2 sons in our home this morning. They sat down with my sons to discuss their post high school graduate/college/career goals and inspirations, and develop “game plans” to be successful in attaining success. They offered study tips and showed little tricks on canvas. We were able to review the past semester, as well as prepare for the remaining of the year. My sons have a clearer vision of what they need to do and how to do it. The visit helped them feel more comfortable reaching out for help with questions that may arise. While very professional, Mrs. Todd and Ms. Duerr have a niche in relating to their students with a positive rapport. I threw several questions at them throughout the visit. Without hesitation they provided clear, understandable answers. Not only did my sons have a “to do” list, but the teachers left with one too. Their willingness to go above and beyond is quite evident. I could see confidence in my sons which got lost while in the public school system. It was such a refreshing, but yet productive visit! My sons talk about going to them sometimes in West Chester!

Kris Scipio, Parent

Mr. Paffas – U.S. Government History

I am continually impressed with Mr. Paffas and his work. He managed to turn a class that I would not have wanted to take and turned it into the virtual class I look forward to the most. Speaking from personal experience, a lot of students’ favorite class is either the one they have the highest grade in or one they are especially gifted in. Neither of these being the case for me in Mr Paffas’ class, I can still say that his is my favorite! Good job.

Grace, Student

Ms. MartinLanguage Arts Teacher

Ms. Martin makes learning so much fun and she is always teaching us in a way that makes the lesson really easy to understand. She also relates to us in a way, and adds games like Kahoot and Quizlet to make the lessons even more fun.

Emily, Student