Welcome back to a new school year at PA Leadership Charter School!

We are very excited for the 2019-2020 school year and have been preparing all summer for what we think will be the best year yet! We are beginning our fifteenth year of operation, and we are starting the school year off with over 3,100 students state-wide.

Starting a new school year can be a bit of a transition, especially coming off of a relaxing summer break! Getting back into a strong school routine is key to setting up the new year for success.
Find a quiet place in your house, that’s separate from any distractions (such as the phone or TV). Make sure your student is at a table or a desk, instead of laying on a bed – studies show that doing homework on a bed not only decreases productivity, but also hurts sleeping patterns at night! (Read more here)

Dr. Chris Hardin, our High School Principal, has a few other tips & tricks to help students set up their school year for success:

“As you prepare for the first day of school on September 3rd, please be aware of the following tips and strategies that will support your success at the high school level:

1) Read the full syllabus for each teacher’s course. After reviewing the materials, please contact your teachers if you have any questions.

2) Make sure to allow for enough time to complete all of your reading and assignments- do not wait until the last minute to submit assignments as you will not retain the information and your overall learning experience will be diminished.

3) Reach out to your teachers for help. If you are unsure of anything, please communicate with them as soon as possible. We are here to help you succeed, so please let us know when you have questions or concerns.

4) Check your grades on a regular basis. By reviewing your grades and teacher feedback, you will be able to determine where improvements are needed or more reviewing or studying is required.

5) Get involved. We have numerous student activity groups at the high school and we would like everyone to be part of the PALCS school community. Our teachers really enjoy serving as activity leads of varying activity groups such as: Civil Discourse, Creative Writing Circle, Student Government and many more.
Hopefully these quick reminders and steps will be helpful to you during this school year.”


PALCS offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to engage with their teachers and peers. Each division has an array of clubs and activities for students.


Ms. Karla Johnson, our Middle School Principal, had some tips & tricks of her own:

“Get involved in one of the many activities that we offer! We have many groups that focus on a variety of interest. I would also encourage all students to attend virtual lessons. Virtual lessons are a time for students to meet their teachers and classmates. Finally, I would like to wish all of the students a wonderful school year.”


Did you know that PALCS has a dress code, or how important it is for students to have a balanced meal before completing assignments?


Dr. Angela Hoover, our Elementary School Principal, also had some tips to add:

“We are all so very excited to meet you! To get you off on the right foot, or left foot, here are a few tips to make the beginning of the school year super exciting!
1. Dress to Impress! Choose your outfit the evening before class- when attending virtual lessons, it is important to remember that you are attending school. So, show off your style!
2. Supply Guy! Make certain that you have all of your school supplies. Teachers love it when their students are ready for class!
3. Sleep & Eat! It is very important to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night and eat a good breakfast and lunch during the day. A healthy body equals a healthy mind!
Sending you hugs and best wishes for another wonderful school year!”


PALCS is growing! We have hired many new wonderful staff and teachers to ensure we keep our class sizes small and provide the best education and support possible for our families. We now have about 300 staff members, including all of our teachers who will be creating your lessons, grading your assignments, giving you input, and helping you along the way. You’ll still easily find your lessons on our school website on a flexible schedule that works for you, but you’ll also find a fresh new look and some new features in lessons and the grade book. Log in, take a look, and get ready to have a wonderful school year

Not enrolled yet? The good news is that it’s not too late! Start learning about PALCS on our Explore page, then check out our courses. You can enroll almost any time during the school year. Head to our enrollment page to get the process started, your future at PALCS is bright!