Meet the PALCS High School Math Department! Pictured above from left to right, we have Mrs. Kristina Takac, Mr. Patrick Antonucci, Mr. Jeff Smith, and Ms. Maria Majersky, all stationed in our Western Regional office in Pittsburgh. We then have Mrs. Anne DiSciullo, Ms. Yassara Antar and High School Math Department Chair Mr. Robert DiCicco, all located in our main office in West Chester. Not pictured is Ms. Paula Bridgewater, who just joined the high school math team last month.

With half of the department being located in western PA and half in eastern PA, they always take advantage of the opportunity to pose for a group photo at PALCS Professional Development, which is held at the beginning of each year.

Thanks to the wonderful unity and open communication of the department, many may not realize that they are evenly spaced out between the West Chester and Pittsburgh offices. Working together to teach a wide range of courses, including various levels of Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Statistics, as well as Probability, Computational Thinking, Mathematical Thinking and Consumer Math, the High School Math Department is dedicated to helping PALCS students understand and gain confidence in their mathematical skills. More information about high school and a complete description of all our high school courses are available on our high school academics page.

We would like to thank all eight hard working members of our High School Math Department who have shown their dedication to their students over the years. PALCS is proud to have these educators represent our school!